Tesla Vertical Screen Car Navigation Device For 2019 Lincoln MKC Support GPS Audio

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1. CPU: Quad-core, 1.6GHZ


2. Operation system: Android 6.0, T3/R16 platform


3. ROM: 16G/32G(Optional)


4. RAM: 1G/2G(Optional)


5. 3D navigation, no need to worry about the complex viaduct and the maze crossing.


6. FM emission function, the navigation voice, and music will be directly sent to the car speaker.


7. Support for multiple languages: English, Russian, Arabic, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, etc, You can choose the language you need.


8. Support Bluetooth, wireless transmission, Can be connected with the phone and answer the phone call.




10. Support multimedia player, internet entertainment, game, and chat on-line.


11. Support radio.


12. Support three-way output: built-in Wi-fi, 3G, 4G with double USB.SD


13. Support multi-format video decoding, support 1080P HD, and 3D background video.


14. Support external mobile hard disk.


15. Support external USB cable.


16. Support opening Logo change to your favorite background.


17. Support file to file by copy or cut. 


18. Support video and picture scanning, JPG, MBP, JPEG, GIP, etc, and electronic-book.


19. Support TV sound and video input and output, need to add AD exchange and antenna.


20. Support backing sensor by automatic, Dynamic background showing.


21. Super-good Hardware Performance, Fast Response.


22. Smart touch screen, easy to operate.


23. Support multiple maps. (Please tell us which country’s map you need to install)


24. Plentiful free application, you can read and edit Word/ Excel/ PowerPoint/ PDF/ TXT.


25. Live Wallpaper &DIY Wallpaper, the plentiful color of Button Light to choose from.


26. Support Car DVR System(work with optional wifi Camera).


27. Support TPMS built-in or built-out (Optional choose), Wifi-OBD II(Optional choose).



Navigation Main Interface

Sometimes the icon of the feature placed will be different in the main interface due to the different models of the product, but you can open the app icon and see the secondary interface of the app to find the function you want. App detailed interface contains a variety of mainstream functions and you can also install the app you download from the internet.

 Tesla Vertical Screen Car Navigation Device For Lincoln MKC Support GPS Audio Radio Video Bluetooth MP3 MP4 Player



Connected To Phone

With the mobile phone network interconnection, Wireless synchronous bidirectional control.

Listening to music, watching movies, playing games, on Facebook without any obstacles arbitrarily.

 Tesla Vertical Screen Car Navigation Device For Lincoln MKC Support GPS Audio Radio Video Bluetooth MP3 MP4 Player



Support Recorder And Rear-view Camera

HD night view traffic recorder

Large screen display

Moving track rear view

HD night vision

No worry about traffic racketeering


 Tesla Vertical Screen Car Navigation Device For Lincoln MKC Support GPS Audio Radio Video Bluetooth MP3 MP4 Player

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