Maserati Ghibli Screen Production Update

We have come a long way with the first Maserati Ghibli screen, but we had a love hate situations with the Maserati community. It is a good thing to have some disagreement because it helps improve the quality and feel in future updates.

Old Maserati Ghibli Screen

What we have changed

The feedback we have received from our customers have been incorporated in the new design, and we have also switch the functionality of the buttons for convenience. The new buttons now controls the power on/off, A/C on/off, Auto A/C, Mode, and lastly the hazard button in the middle.

New Maserati Ghibli Screen

Design rendering

Now the fun stuff...

These steps will either have the word complete or in progress next to them to track where we are in the process.

Design status and change button layout see image below (Complete)

Design change

Final design change (Complete)

Maserati Ghibli


Prototype fascia (Complete)

Maserati Ghibli Screen prototype

Prototype testing see video (Complete)

Mold manufacturing (Complete)

Injection (partially completed waiting for the mainframe)


See final product picture below ( in progress)

Update coming soon
Final update will be posted on this page. Please comment if you have questions.
Thank you!
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