What is this flashing red in my Maserati Dash?

 Vehicle Alarm System

The vehicle security alarm monitors the vehicle doors and trunk for unauthorized entry and the START/STOP button for unauthorized operations. The system includes a dual function anti-intrusion sensor and vehicle anti-lift sensor. The anti-intrusion sensor monitors the vehicle interior for motion. The vehicle anti-lift sensor monitors the vehicle for any lifting or tilting actions (tow away, tire removal, ferry transport, etc). A siren with battery backup which senses interruptions of power and communications is also included. While the vehicle security alarm is enabled, interior door locks switches, trunk lid and fuel filler door release are disabled. If something triggers the alarm, the vehicle security alarm will provide the following audible and visible signals: intermittent buzzer, position lights and/or turn signals and the vehicle security light on the dashboard will flash. This light will fast flash for approximately 15 seconds, when the vehicle security alarm is being armed,and will then flash slowly until the vehicle is disarmed.

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