The 2023 Continental GT

Few vehicles are more suited for a cross-country trip than the 2023 android radio car Continental GT. This grand touring two-door is available in a coupe and convertible body types, both of which have opulent luxury and high-class aesthetics deserving of their six-figure price tags. The Conti hustles when equipped with the potent V-8 or W-12 engine; both are twin-turbocharged, and its handling skillfully treads the line between comfort and cornering poise. The interior is lined with all of the finest materials, including aromatic leather, sumptuous wood, and textured metal trim. It is also loaded with luxurious amenities that are intended to make the trip both speedy and comfortable. And through its Mulliner coachbuilding business, the manufacturing company can also take care of it if you want a custom GT furnished in a way that is unmatched.

What Has Changed For 2023?

For 2023, the Continental GT coupe and convertible portfolio now include a new S variant. A performance exhaust system, exclusive wheels, and blacked-out exterior trim are all features of the special model. Only the V-8 engine is offered with the S, and the interior is covered in numerous S insignia.

Pricing and Which One to Buy:

  1. Coupe for approximately $210,000
  2. S Coupe for approximately $225,000
  3. Convertible for approximately $230,000
  4. S Convertible for approximately $245,000 Speed Coupe
  5. Speed Coupe for approximately $285,000
  6. Speed Convertible for approximately $310,000

 We would continue to use the twin-turbo V-8 engine that is standard on the Continental GT coupe. Although the V-8's peak horsepower is less than the W-12's, it nonetheless produces a coupe that is almost as fast and agile in actual driving situations. The W-12 engine's extra horsepower is only noticeable at very high speeds. Although we enjoy the wind in our hair just as much as anyone else, we would choose the coupe because we find the arched roofline's graceful way of tying the car's styling together attractive.

Performance - Engine, Transmission, and Other Specifics:

The current V-8 and W-12 engines, which propelled the Continental GT of the previous generation, deliver muscle-car performance. According to our tests, the 542-horsepower 4.0-liter V-8 can propel the 4926-pound coupe to 60 mph in 3.4 seconds. In non-Speed cars, the more expensive 6.0-liter W-12 engine generates 626 horsepower and accelerates a coupe to 60 mph in 3.3 seconds. With the same engine adjusted to 650 horsepower in the Speed model, we predict it will hit 60 mph in as little as 3.1 seconds. An eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission that powers both engines makes seamless, rapid shifts. Either engine can be ordered with the coupe or convertible. Additionally, all Continental GTs come equipped with an all-wheel-drive system, which lets them put their incredible power to the road without incident.

Fuel efficiency and actual MPG:

When a twin-turbo V-8 is the most fuel-efficient engine available in a given model, you may tell that the manufacturer and its buyers are not really concerned with efficiency. The EPA rates the Continental V-8 at 16 city mpg and 26 highway mpg. In our actual testing, we found that a V-8 vehicle averaged 28 mpg over our 200-mile highway fuel economy test. Visit the EPA website for additional details regarding the Continental GT's fuel efficiency.

Cargo, Comfort, and the Interior:

Anything with the original android Bentley moniker is expected to have a plush inside, and this two-door is no exception. Nearly every aspect of the Continental GT may be customized—for a fee, of course—and the interior is covered in plush, scented leather, and beautiful wood veneers. Every time you get behind the wheel of this car, a new design element, such as precisely knurled control knobs or double-stitched diamond-pattern seat trim, is revealed. Although the Continental GT theoretically provides seatbelts for four passengers, we don't recommend using the back seat to transport adult passengers due to the restricted head- and legroom. Five carry-on bags fit in the Continental's trunk during our testing, which is enough for a weekend getaway with your preferred traveling buddy.

Connectivity and Information:

On the dashboard, the 12.3-inch infotainment screen takes up most of the space. It is a part of an unusual rotating unit with three sides that also has a panel with three miniature analog gauges for the outside air temperature, the time, and the compass direction. On the third side, all that is visible is the matching instrument panel trim. Along with a digital gauge display that enables the driver to control the majority of the Continental GT's features using the steering wheel controls, and Apple CarPlay compatibility is standard. Two optional audio systems are available for the Continental GT: a stunning Naim system and a Bang & Olufsen setup.

Features for Driver Assistance and Safety:

Given the high starting price, we would expect driver-assistance systems like adaptive cruise control, a night-vision system, and automated emergency braking with pedestrian recognition to be standard. However, the vehicle company offers these features as options. Important safety elements include:

  1. With pedestrian detection, automated emergency braking is possible.
  2. Lane-departure warning and lane-keeping assistance are also options.
  3. Adaptive cruise control is accessible

Coverage for Warranties and Maintenance:

The vehicle's basic warranty coverage for the Continental GT does not include mileage restrictions because everything is covered for three years, regardless of how far the car is driven. At a year or 10,000 kilometers, the corporation also offers a complimentary initial maintenance visit.

  1. Three years or unlimited miles are covered under the limited warranty.
  2. Three years or unlimited miles are covered by the powertrain warranty.
  3. Complimentary maintenance is provided for a period of one year or 10,000 kilometers.
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