Protecting Your Automobile, The Right Way

Many auto enthusiasts spend a lot of time and money maintaining their vehicles in addition to buying them. The likelihood of an automobile being stolen from a parking lot or even someone's driveway increases with price. Automobile owners should be concerned about the fact that auto theft is on the rise, but an even bigger issue is how times have changed and automobile thieves now use high-tech, non-invasive methods that are relatively easier to slip under the radar and escape undetected. To prevent your automobile from being stolen, it's critical to pay attention to this factor and take additional security precautions.

Your priority should always be the safety of your vehicle whenever you park it, especially at night. Here are a few security suggestions that will help you protect your automobile effectively and lower your risk of being a victim of automobile theft so that you don't have to worry about anything else.

Install A Security Automobile Alarm System

Installing a backup camera for car is beneficial but installing an automobile alarm serves as a theft-deterrent system and is designed to alert people if any unauthorized person tries to tamper with their automobile. Automobile alarm systems are preferably considered a great automobile security measure as they stay active at all times and only go off very quickly if someone tries to gain entry into the automobile. The new and advanced automobile alarms these days are even equipped with additional features, like a mobile notification system, that provide notifications every time an unusual activity is detected. 

New and advanced vehicles come with a factory alarm system that is already installed but most of the older automobiles do not have such security features which is why they are unprotected. Most classic automobile models are more susceptible to automobile theft as they get older, so it is crucial to think of equipping such automobiles with good aftermarket alarm systems to keep them secured at all times. But, over the years, many individuals have become numb to automobile alarm noises, especially in bigger cities and urban areas, where a number of false alarms on a daily basis are considered part of the everyday buzz that almost nobody pays attention to.

It is best to choose a high-quality model of automobile alarm system that will not be easily triggered, like by passing trucks, or stronger winds. This way, you will be able to equip your vehicle with an automobile security system that has a loud siren noise and will have more chances of alerting bystanders that something weird and suspicious is going on and act as a huge deterrent for automobile thieves and criminals, even if an alarm itself will never be able to completely protect your automobile from being stolen. Installing a radio with backup camera is also beneficial for recording any theft.

Safeguarding Your Automobile's Keys

Always make careful to hide your automobile keys, including spares, from view. Even if it seems a little too clear, it is frequently ignored, especially when individuals have to stop at a gas station or a store quickly. If you leave your automobile keys in plain sight, burglars will have quick access to your vehicle and it could subsequently be stolen very quickly and easily. Getting the original automobile key is the easiest way to steal almost any automobile as its usage will result in triggering neither an aftermarket alarm nor a factory.

When conducting your regular errands, you must always keep an eye on your automobile keys. It is also preferable to have them by your side at night. Always be careful not to leave your keys near the front door or in an area that is simple to get to, as burglars frequently target homes with the express purpose of stealing your keys so they may drive off with your automobile in the driveway.

Experienced thieves and criminals may even use a specific tool that resembles a fishing rod or even a coat hanger to hook the automobile key ring through the mailbox. When at home, it is also advantageous to put the automobile keys in a metal key cabinet, particularly if you have a keyless entry system in your automobile.

Install A Lock on The Steering Wheel

The lock for the steering wheel is one of the simplest theft deterrent systems and even a fairly accessible automobile security measure, at least if one is after a more basic model. It completely depends on how much you are willing to pay, and the more quality and advanced features you usually get. The lock on the steering wheel fits on the steering wheel directly, which prevents its movement and therefore the possibility of the automobile being stolen.

Many advanced automobile thieves are experienced in hi-tech automobile theft methods, like smart key relay attacks or RF jamming that can easily be performed from a distance and do not need any special tools to get into the vehicle, as they are especially focused on a vehicle’s electronic system, and they usually do not carry any heavy material that they could use to get rid of the lock on the steering wheel by force and drive the automobile away.

Park Your Automobile in a Secured Area

The most efficient and best way to keep your automobile secured is by parking it inside a garage, especially at night when the streets are empty and dark, which gives automobile thieves the chance to perform break-ins without being found. Indoor parking as a convenient bonus will even keep your vehicle safe from any unexpected weather-related damage, like falling branches or hail. In case you do not have any other option but to leave your vehicle on the street, you must ensure to park it in a high-traffic area, close to some public place. This is a great automobile security strategy as anyone passing by will easily identify any kind of theft attempt and it is more likely that someone among them will highlight it and also report it to the police. 

But unfortunately, if you leave your automobile far away from your home in an isolated area, thieves might use this as an advantage to target your automobile in their next theft trial. They will be able to easily tamper with the locks uninterrupted and drive your automobile away without being noticed.
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