Maserati oil change

Maserati Oil Change

To start your DIY oil change, let the engine run for 1 minute to agitate the oil so that it can flow out easily.

To do the oil in the Maserati Ghibli, you will need the following equipment and tools.

Maserati Ghibli Oil Change
Maserati Oil Change tools

Here is a list of what you will need to do the change fast and easy:

  1. 7.5 quarts of full synthetic 5W-40 (Base model Ghibli), 8 quarts for SQ4.
  2. Oil filter.
  3. Washer ( you can you the old one if you please).
  4. One 3/8inch Hex Bit socket a half-inch Rachet.
  5. One 1/16inch socket wrench to remove the oil filter.
  6. One 10inch extension bar with a half-inch rather.
  7. Oil drain container.
  8. Spill towel.
  9. OBD2 reader to clear oil code.

 Once you have the above list, you are ready to start with the following steps.


Look under your car to find the drain plug. If the plug is not visible, use the pry tool to remove the under guard shield.

Remove the under guard shield.

Thedrain plugis a large Hex nut located on the left side of the oil pan at the bottom of the engine.

Place a container big enough under the oil drain plug to catch the oil.

Unscrew the oil drain plug.  Remember to wear protective eyeglasses and gloves for your hand. Use the 3/8in Hex bit socket to the nut. The oil now drains out of your engine into the container.

Remove the cap from the oil filler with the 1 1/16in socket on the right side of your engine and unscrew the oil filter.

Place some rag or paper towel under the oil filter and let the excess oil drip into the engine down to the drain pan.

After the filter is empty, wrap it in recycle paper and set it aside to take to a recycling center with your old oil.

Screw the new filter into the engine where the old one was e it to remove any oil spot the cap.

RRejoicethe oil drain nut with a new washer and tighten it.

Use a funnel to pour all 7.5 quarts of the full synthetic 5W-40  or 10W-60  depends on the car year to allow the oil time to run down.

Start the engine and wait for 5 to 10 minutes to check the dipstick. Remove the oil dipstick, wipe it with a clean, lint-free rag, and shove it back in. Pull it out again and correct it.

Use an OBD2 reader to reset the oil warning light.

Clean area and dispose of the old oil filter at your local auto part store.

You have successfully changed your Maserati oil! 

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