All the New Gadgets You Need for Your Vehicle

Every year, new technological trends emerge and disappear. What is well-known one moment might not be well-known the next. It is the same in contrast to the auto industry. Automakers are always developing fresh concepts for updated infotainment features. In recent years, we have seen the emergence of noticeably larger infotainment screens, such as the new car stereo systems, a trend that was started by Tesla. The popular vehicle infotainment trends for 2022 are listed below.

Pioneer AVH-3500NEX

This is your best choice if your vehicle only has one dash aperture for the audio system because it has a sophisticated slide-out touchscreen. It has a convenient volume knob and is simple to operate. To activate typical functions, it includes large buttons on the front. The motorized 7-inch screen pulls out and up for easy operation, offering you an interface akin to a double-DIN system. Every time you turn off the radio or want to hide it while listening to music or the radio, it retracts back inside the head unit.

Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX

This is one of the few in-car entertainment systems that allow you to wirelessly or with a USB cable connect your phone to Apple or Android Auto, giving you much more flexibility. Compared to other models that have been evaluated, its display is far more appealing and individualized. It also provides a number of additional functions, such as various input and output connectors, a CD and DVD player, and easy physical controls. It is also reasonably priced and accessible. This is the ideal shout if you'd like to use a capacitive multitouch display or an integrated navigation system over utilizing your phone to view maps.

Pioneer AVIC-W8500NEX

This is significantly more comparable to the previous two systems, but it also has a built-in navigation system. The capacitive screen's multitouch and pinch-to-zoom functions are supported. With a USB cord or wirelessly, you can link this system to Apple and Android Auto. The built-in navigation system can be a fantastic substitute for utilizing the maps on your phone for directions because it keeps you on course even in spots with bad reception. If you want to avoid using your phone and reduce its battery and data usage, this is the ideal option. You should only get this model if you really need it because the extra functions make the device a little more expensive.

Sony XAV-AX100

This is an excellent and practical option if you are looking for a system from local car stereo shops near me that provide Apple CarPlay or Android Auto and are all right with needing a wired USB connection to use them. In contrast to other systems, Sony offers a convenient knob that makes adjusting volume simple. It has a 6.4-inch display that is sharp, and functional. It serves the purpose despite being smaller than other models. In contrast to previous models, the XAV-AX100 lacks a CD/DVD player, the ability to adjust the button illumination to match the interior of your vehicle, and even satellite radio functionality.

Consider the difference between driving a less expensive vehicle, such as a Honda Civic from the 1990s, and a more contemporary Toyota Corolla or Ford Focus. In that instance, there is a greater likelihood that you won't be able to utilize your phone to its maximum potential through the audio and video equipment in your vehicle. Even if Bluetooth features allow you to stream music files and make hands-free calls, you'll probably need to use the little screen on your phone. Even if your phone fits in a vehicle mount or holding device, using it while driving is challenging and quite distracting. You'll need to fiddle with your smartphone's volume settings if you want to turn up the volume so you can hear and follow the instructions; it's not a good idea to switch between applications or respond to or check messages.

These more recent and sophisticated solutions improve user convenience and safety simultaneously. By placing your smartphone's controls on your music system's display, you can simply utilize your device with a streamlined driver and user-friendly interface, which increases the fun of driving. Because voice assistants have been integrated into various systems, voice control is useful as well. It removes the difficulty of actually picking up the phone. In the rt years, hundreds of alternative audio and video systems, including Apple and Android systems, have become accessible in the majority of new vehicles.

Factors to Think About

A Secure Wireless Connection

The ability to connect wirelessly is a significant convenience, even though the USB cord facility is advantageous for both parties. Wireless connections are available on relatively fewer music systems, however, this is the area where the most innovation has taken place recently. In order to connect to your phone, wireless systems have a built-in Wi-Fi network. Once the two have paired, your smartphone will automatically detach from any other Wi-Fi networks it is linked to.

A User-Friendly Display

Large on-screen buttons, clear controls, and easy-to-read text make it simple to choose what you want quickly while reducing distractions of any type. Most systems have similar screens, which range in size from 6.4 to 7 inches and are sharp, snappy, and clear. The physical buttons on the faceplate around the display screen were where the most variations were found. The greatest displays offer an excellent tactile feel, which makes it simpler to recognize something with only one touch. Even if the smaller display has been damaged, the majority of versions have a knob, making volume settings considerably more accessible.


The best touchscreen is capacitive since it supports multitouch gestures, which are useful for pinching to zoom in on navigational maps. However, more expensive systems are usually the only ones with such features. Despite only being able to register one touch point at a time, the resistive displays found on the majority of replacement systems are adequate for most tasks, including touching onscreen buttons or scrolling through menus. You only need to utilize the + and - buttons on the screen to zoom in or out on a navigation app, and you're set to go.

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