9 Things You Didn’t Know your Tesla Screen Could Do

Ever since it was founded in 2003, Tesla has been ahead of the curve in terms of innovation. The ability to control the entirety of the vehicle with the tap of a button on a tesla screen places the owner of a Tesla at the forefront of automotive innovation. This ability is unique to the Tesla brand.

Recently (in late 2019), version 10.0 was released in order to provide users with an experience that is even more cutting-edge when they are operating their Tesla vehicles. In the past, the operating system for cars included a huge number of features, such as games that could be played while the vehicle was being charged, navigation that was accurate to the letter, and wifi that was just as fast and connected as that found in a typical home. Despite the fact that touchscreens have been standard equipment in Teslas ever since the introduction of the first model, the most recent software update enables drivers to tailor their driving experience to their own unique preferences while simultaneously elevating the level of safety.

1. Availability Of Streaming Service Providers:

A Tesla owner can log in to their account on any of the new models and immediately begin streaming their preferred television shows and movies from Netflix. Everyone in the car has access to YouTube and videos owned by Tesla, so everyone can watch whatever they want to watch. However, none of these video services can be used while the car is moving, so no one can watch videos while driving.

2. Easter Eggs And Games:

It is common knowledge that each of Elon Musk's automobile models contains a hidden easter egg, and the most recent models have not broken with this long-standing tradition. Other models have included video games like Mario Kart: Rainbow Road and Atari, which can be played by using the touchscreen or the buttons on the steering wheel. CupHead, a classic game, has been included on the most recent model, but you will need a USB controller in order to play it.

3. Car-aoke:

The car-aoke feature of Tesla vehicles has irrevocably altered the experience of long car rides. When you are inside the vehicle, you can use the built-in touchscreen to access the option to turn on the lyrics for the karaoke. There will be a variety of well-known songs added to the Tesla's user interface, and the accompanying lyrics will be highlighted so that passengers can sing along. This feature is still one of the most entertaining for the passengers, despite the fact that the audio may not replicate the exact music track of the original songs being played.

4. "I'm Feeling Lucky" Option:

The "I'm feeling lucky" feature of Google Maps has inspired Tesla to develop their own "I'm feeling lucky" option for the navigation touchscreen in their vehicles. This feature will locate a nearby location that may be of interest to the user and direct them there. Simply by selecting the location, the driver is presented with a list of potential itineraries for them to consider for their subsequent excursion. The touchscreen goes one step further by including a "I'm feeling hungry" option, which provides directions to the restaurant that is located the closest to the user.

5. Improvements Made to Google Maps:

Tesla screen for car utilises satellite imagery from Google Maps to not only navigate the route but also to point out every Tesla Supercharger location that is located in the surrounding area. This is due to the fact that many car touchscreens are used for navigation. When the user taps on a Supercharger marked location on the screen, they will be given information about the number of chargers at that location, the number of chargers that are currently available, the cost, and the instructions required to gain access. This also includes a recommendation regarding how long an individual should charge their Tesla before heading towards a particular charging location.

6. Additional Car-Related Controls:

There is no point in driving a vehicle if it does not have its fundamental controls, which are also accessible via the touchscreen. The controls for the heated seats, heated windshields, music volume, and shortcuts to other features in the Tesla can be found in the lower part of the screen.

Because this panel is always visible and most of its controls can be accessed without looking at the screen, it is a feature that is suitable for drivers to use while they are travelling on a regular basis.

7. Music-Related Services:

Every model of Tesla comes standard with a DAB radio and Spotify streaming access when the vehicle is connected to a 4G network. This touchscreen feature is not yet available, and it does not come with an FM radio option or any other music options, such as Apple Music. It is possible to display music streaming services alongside the navigation map and the rear-view camera all at the same time. Depending on the user's preferences, the music feature can either take up two-thirds of the screen, approximately half of the screen, or shrink down into a narrow horizontal bar located above the controls that are always present.

8. Climate Control:

Alterations can be made to the temperature, as well as the direction and velocity of airflow, via the touchscreen, in place of the default settings. In addition, there is a Biohazard Defense Mode that can be activated, which increases the airflow, increases the pressure inside the cabin, and utilises a HEPA filter to help clean the air before a passenger fully breathes it in. This high-tech air control is not included in the Model 3, but it is standard on all models released after that. In addition, the climate control system can be left on when the vehicle is parked, or it can be set to turn on automatically when the inside temperature of the vehicle reaches a predetermined threshold.

9. PIN-To-Drive Identifier:

Keyless car entry has been standard on Tesla vehicles for years, but despite its popularity, this feature can occasionally make it simpler for unauthorised individuals to enter the vehicle. PIN-to-drive is a feature that has been added to the most recent version of Tesla's touchscreen. This feature requires drivers to enter a PIN on the screen before the vehicle can be driven or used in any way. In addition, the passive entry feature of the key fob can be disabled through the screen, which helps prevent thieves from potentially hacking the vehicle or the data stored in it. The Model 3 does not have a key option at all; instead, it provides the driver with a card that can be used to open the vehicle. However, the vehicle is designed to be opened using a phone app or a PIN.
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