The Right Tools for Every Journey

Whether hopping for a vacation or hitting the highway for a cross-country trip, staying in touch with your friends, family and work can be challenging. It might seem tempting to think that connectivity and a full battery charge can help you go places, but that's not always the case.

With the advancement in technology, many new smartphone accessories like a gps navigation system make it easier for you to stay on the right path and stay connected. Not only do these tools seamlessly pair with your phone, but they can also fit right into your pocket or in your bag. For backpackers who need to stay on the grid while they're on the move, look no further than these innovative and travel-friendly tools for your vehicles for a carefree journey.  

Hum+ by Verizon

The Hum+ by Verizon is a tracking device that, when installed, wirelessly links to your smartphone and provides peace of mind. The speaker included in the diagnostic device clips to a sun visor. After connecting to the bundled reader via Bluetooth, the vehicle's driver can quickly be alerted of potential health issues of the vehicle itself before they become real problems. The device also has the ability to contact a trained agent 24/7 for roadside assistance, track one's vehicle for theft, and even alert emergency responders if the vehicle is involved in a crash.

The TomTom GO Supreme 5

The 5.0-inch wide display version of the GO Supreme by TomTom is a portable device used for directions in your vehicle. It allows you to leave your phone aside for other uses and saves battery. Maps on this device are already stored, and there are no surprises trying to create a trip in an area with no cellular service.

GO Supreme 5 is installed with onboard batteries to keep them running if the power cord detaches. It provides a similar comprehensive "world" map coverage and most of the features, but in a smaller and less expensive package. It is reliable with Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi updating, and real-time traffic info powered by the TomTom application on the phone. It also has a slick-powered magnetic mount that makes it easier to be placed in your vehicle.

Samsung Fast Charge Portable Battery

Are you ever aware of how long the security line is going to be? Never right? Similarly, you never know if you will have access to a plug at the airport gate. This is when Samsung Fast Charge Portable Battery comes in handy. It is so compact and powerful that it can juice up not just Samsung but non-Samsung devices as well. It also includes a Micro USB to USB Type-C adapter for your easement. This device is also compatible with the Samsung Fast Charge technology, guaranteeing an ultra-quick charge every time. Another prominent feature is that the battery can also power up even as it's charging other devices, which saves a lot of your precious time.

Mophie Powerstation 10000 USB-C

When you have no access to a charging outlet on the train or on an airplane, or maybe it is there but unfortunately does not work, the Mophie Powerstation 1000 USB-C comes in handy. It can power up to two devices at the same time and not blow its entire charge while doing it. It contains a Powerstation USB-C having a 10,000mAh cell inside, letting it charge up most phones three times more with juice left to spare. It suddenly allows your smartphone to have up to 48 hours of extra battery life, and the Mophie Powerstation's additional port is ready to charge whatever else needs charging. It does not take up much space as this Powerstation is light in weight and small enough to fit into your coat's pocket.

Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Speaker

Do you wish to enjoy easy, hassle-free calling? Do you know what the best device is for you? It is the Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Speaker. It is a handy device that pairs over Bluetooth with a smartphone to send or receive calls and texts as well. As the name says, it also lets you stream music directly from your phone through the vehicle's speakers or its own virtual surround speakers. It provides a clear sound at safe decibels without harming your ears. The call quality was also the clear winner on both ends of the line, which is good news for drivers who'd otherwise strain to hear urgent calls from people unexpectedly.

How Are Google Maps Transforming the Driver's Experience? 

Gone are the days when you would be carrying a paper map and trying to take the correct route. Now the drivers solely depend on digital maps for car navigation system

Google Maps has been a lifesaver for many drivers. It is a reliable source of information that can help you avoid traffic jams, find the best route to your destination, and even discover new places along the way.

Even if you're in another country, you won't have to worry about going to different places. Google Maps will take you to the right spot with accurate directions! 

Let's find out how Google Maps are transforming the driver's experience. 

Avoiding Traffic Jams

None of us likes to be stuck in traffic especially when we are in a hurry. For that Google Maps can become your best companion as it can help you avoid traffic jams. 

The app uses real-time data to show you where the traffic is flowing smoothly and where there are delays. This information can be extremely helpful in deciding which route to take to reach your destination. 

Best Route

Google Maps apart from warning you of traffic jams, also take you to your destination from the best route. It takes the shortest possible route so that you can reach your destination as soon as possible. 

Voice Commands

While driving, we do not want to crash our vehicle! Do we? Nah! Here comes the voice command option in Google Maps to save you from crashing! Just set up Google Assistant and you're on the move smoothly! 


We often get worried about the parking spaces but if you've Google map, you shouldn't be worrying about it. You can find out if there's a space in the parking lot for your vehicle. 

Sometimes we forget our parked vehicle space. Yes, it can happen to the best of us! Google Maps saves your parked vehicle information and lets you know the accurate position.
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