Sony Vision S - Will it hit the market in time?


Am I the only one who is surprised about Sony's Vision S car? Let's assess the situation for a minute, Sony, as we know it is one of the greatest tech giants when it comes to television, cameras, and a bunch of other electronics. Now today, for the first time, we witness Sony's plans for the future. Tesla currently has more than enough competitors to deal with, and now Sony. It will be a tough pill for new electric car makers to impress consumers since most of them have failed miserably.

Some of the main highlights for Sony Vision  S are the followings:


Sony claims that its "Safety Cocoon"  will make Vision  S safer because it will monitor all directions outside of the car; the technology will also pay careful attention to the passengers within.

Sony Vision S - Image by Sony

Image by Sony


Vision S interior

Image by Sony


Sony mentioned on its website that the car will get closer to and understands you.  This car can detect a sleeping passenger in the back seat and will automatically control the climate around that seat to a suitable temperature. Sony planned to develop a car that learns each time people board it, and develops into an intelligent partner. The question is when this bright car will become available for mass purchases?


Image by Sony

I think this is one of the best cars in the future and we all should be looking forward to purchasing Sony's new car not just because it is a Japanese-made because it has some great features that most cars today do not have. Imagine having a car that shows you a picture of your face, and tell you everything that you want to hear. It's like having a Google home Max the vehicle that gives you relevant information that is important to you only.



Future carSonySony vision s




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