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What's up, everybody? My name is Dieunel Desulme, and in this video, I'll be talking to you about this new, very small device that I have in my hand here. So this is the wireless CarPlay for the Karma Revero GT.

So I will show you later how this works fully in the car and how this device may kind of save your life in terms of having to constantly connect your phone to the USB. But not that it is a bad thing. It's not that something that you can't do. You can actually do that, plug in your phone all the time. But for some people looking for convenience, you can actually use this device that way. As soon as you walk out of your car, it automatically connects the phone to the wireless CarPlay. You don't have to jump all over the place looking for the cable.

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Thank you again for watching this video with me today. And here it is. So this right here, this is the user manual. It's pretty basic. So it's got two sides, one is in English and the outside obviously is in Chinese.

I know there are a lot of those devices out there, but one thing you have to keep in mind, not all of them will be compatible with Karma Revero GT. So some people have experienced glitches with some of the CarPlay devices that they've purchased from Amazon and other places. Making a video about it is mean it actually works. I don't really just go talk about things that don't necessarily work or if I ever use it myself.


This is a device right here, as you can see right there, it's got a low light here. When the phone is connected to this device is going to be showing up in blue. If the phone is not connected, is going to be light up red over here and blue when connected. This device emits some Wi-Fi, which you can connect to your phone.

This is a great device, so I recommend anybody who has a Karma Revero GT to get one. In terms of cost, this right here is probably going to cost you roughly about $200.00 to $250.00, it depends on where you purchase it.

This is pretty much it. I'll post a description below with a link where you can buy this for a much cheaper price. And yeah, this is it, guy. So let's go ahead and stick this thing in the car to see how it works so you guys can see if it is something that you would want to put in your car.

All right, guys, like I was saying earlier, we are in the car and this is my cell phone here, an iPhone. It works just as well for Android phones. You should see the light once the device is connected. OK, red light means your phone is not connected yet, and go in scan mode, as you can see, it automatically identifies the car, Karma and the last number is the device number, from the data pulls. Then at that point, if you have your phone, it will just automatically connect your phone on there. My phone, it's wirelessly connected. Then the system says CarPlay is connected.

So now, I can use the CarPlay, you know, just to listen to music or do whatever it is that I do with that. The music works as it should, just like when you are using your phone or if the phone is connected from the car USB.

So now let's go ahead and press the TALK button real quick.

McDonald's. OK. Here's what I found. Here we go, so it works just fine.

Drive to Orlando. Getting driving directions to Orlando.

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