Fisker Karma Revero Location Limitations

Fisker Karma Revero Location Limitations

Most luxury car owners are always searching for the next best unheard of cars to replace their current lease. As you may know by now, car enthusiasts bounce from car-to-car every two years, maybe three depending on the debt to value ratio of their current lease. I have attended every CES live car show to find my next best ride, and I finally land it, but with some issues.

No one talks about the newest Karma vehicles line up, which are the future of both electric and petroleum cars since their very first model was somewhat of a disappointment.  I am talking about this beauty!!!


 2012 Fisker Karma image by car Guru

The new 2019 Karma Revero is a lovely car but a bit pricey ($160,000.00 fully loaded) for its segments. I have recently reached out to Karma requesting more information about leasing the new 2019 Karma Revero GT, and the answer was not what I was expecting from their internet sales manager. It disappoints me a little that the sales team did not ask me whether or not I am willing to travel to test drive the car. 

I lived about 190 miles away from the closest dealership out of Orlando, FL. Still, I have driven to Orlando many times for petty stuff, and I believe I would have sleepwalked my way there if I have to,  given that I will be test driving a Karma Revero GT, which no one in my area drives. Enough of the BLAH BLAH BLAH, here is what they replied to me. For the record, I will be driving there soon to test drive the car.

 Karma leasing response

Honestly, I am okay with the newsletter subscription, but I want to test drive the car because I am thinking of leasing one. The limited dealerships in significant cities somewhat restrict Karma on potential sale because they may have to cover towing and other transportation fees for buyers located more than 200 miles away for service-related issues with the car.

 2019 Karma

 Image by Karma

This car is gorgeous, has a sporty look that can also accommodate four passengers with some of the most advanced seating for luxury cars. It has somewhat a sophisticated touch screen that provides range and maintenance information to include entertainment. While Karma did not list the horsepower and other technology features on their website, we can all assume it will have the essential entertainment tech as opposed to Tesla. For a car that cost almost $200k, there was no talk about autopilot features and other self-driving capabilities. 

Telsa makes it hard for consumers to migrate toward other car makers because of the self-driving features and sentry mode, which acts as a 24/7 security guard for the car. Fisker is not the average consumers' car because of its price point. I believe if they allow individual buyers to reserve the vehicle for a small down payment will give them the ability to increase community presence and reduce MSRP.


2019 karma fishkerKarmaRevero gt

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